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  • 1987 Lot of Danish chairs in teak and oak, 1960s 1987

    Danish chairs in teak (back) and oak (legs), 1960s

    Height: 83 cm
    Depth: 52 cm
    Width: 45 cm

    21 chairs available, ideal for a restaurant or as dining chairs at home

    Price per piece:
    120 euro with original upholstery, shown in pictures (vintage condition)
    172 euro with new padding and upholstery in black leatherette, ready to use (very good condition)



  • 1945 Set of 2 Dutch industrial chairs in teak/plywood by Marko, 1960s 1945

    Set of 2 dutch chairs by Marko, 1960s

    Material: Teak/Plywood, Metal

    Height: 78 cm
    Seating height: 48 cm
    Width: 42 cm
    Depth: 49 cm

    In vintage condition
    Price for the set


  • 1701 Danish chair in rosewood by Helge Vestergaard-Jensen for Peder Pedersen, 1960s 1701

    Danish chair in rosewood, 1960s

    Designer: Helge Vestergaard-Jensen
    Manufacturer: Peder Pedersen

    Completely restored and upholstered with quality fabric
    In excellent condition

    Height: 80 cm, Seating height: 47 cm
    Width: 62 cm, Seating width: 51 cm
    Depth: 54 cm, Seating depth: 47 cm



  • 1566 Dutch office chair by De Wit, 1960s 1567

    Very rare dutch office chair, 1960s
    The chair is marked by the maker and has its second upholstery in black wool
    The armrests are upholstered with black leatherette

    Designer: Toon de Wit
    Manufacturer: Gebroeders de Wit

    Height: 90 cm
    Width: 59 cm
    Depth: 60 cm
    Seating height: 51 cm
    Seating width: 47 cm
    Seating depth: 45 cm

    In good condition

  • 1036 Dining chairs, plywood by Elmar Flötotto 1036

    Large amount of dining chairs by Elmar Flötotto in plywood

    Condition: Very good

    Height: 78 cm
    Seating height: 45 cm
    Seating widht: 41 cm
    Width (floor): 52,5 cm

    Price per piece cleaned and polished: 65 euro
    Price per piece when cleaning yourself: 55 euro